3 thoughts on “Random Thought, 9/19/2011”

  1. That’s exactly why I prefer the Outer Banks. Not as commercial as Myrtle but not desolate either. The beaches are pretty uncrowded but you can still find plenty of good restaurants. On a related note, they have a building law that prohibits any structure from being taller than the Wright Bros. Memorial, which is comforting. Can’t wait to go back in 64-days. Not that I’m counting.

    1. We were supposed to go to Okracoke but I’m kind of glad we didn’t. Okracoke may just be too small and non-commercial. Might get island fever and run amok!

      1. Ocracoke is great for one night stay (or stand) or if you’re a fugitive from the law and on the lam. The beaches are beautiful and basically desolate, which some people are looking for.

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