When Does Old Age Begin?

I don’t know when old age begins but maybe this is a clue. I woke up yesterday morning with a head cold. I went to the medicine cabinet and saw a small box containing several double packets of orange gel-caps. I assumed they were Vick’s DayQuil capsules so I opened up one packet and took the two orange gel-caps. Nothing happened. All morning long my nasal passages continued to leak profusely.

After the four-hour waiting period I took two more orange gel-caps and began to experience relief, they worked. Last night I took a dose of Vick’s NyQuil before going to bed and slept fine. This morning I went back for some more orange gel-caps but this time I took the time to read the labels. All were orange but some were clearly marked Vick’s DayQuil but the others were just as plainly marked, stool softeners.

If I hadn’t taken the time to read the labels I could have ended up with two runny orifices. To assume, in this case, could have left me ass-suming! Possibly when these things start happening you’ve reached old age!

One thought on “When Does Old Age Begin?”

  1. Sometimes even reading labels doesn’t help – they’re open to interpretation. A neighbor was given a prescription for Benedryl liquid for the child’s poison ivy. The instructions were “one teaspoon 4 times a day.” They were followed to the letter, smearing the liquid all over the child. So much for reading the labels!

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