Community Markets’ New Murals

I received a tip recently that Community Markets had commissioned a muralist to decorate several of their grocery stores, Greenfield being on the list. The artist is Tammy Stephens who resides in Northern Kentucky and has worked extensively in the Cincinnati area. Her creations are found in residences, groceries, churches, commercial, and public buildings throughout the tri-state area.

Community Markets commissioned a series of three murals for its Greenfield store and Tammy designed one with a market basket theme, another reflecting the variety of foods offered by the store, and a third depicting a collage of McClain High School to which Community Markets has been very supportive over the years.

Next time you’re headed west on Jefferson Street slow down and take in the new additions gracing the store’s east side. Examples of Tammy’s works may be found on her website, TBS Fine Arts.

3 thoughts on “Community Markets’ New Murals”

  1. My daughter-in-law’s sister-in-law paints murals in Kentucky also. Beautiful work these mural painters do. I did notice the art work yesterday after church as it faces the church. It sure was a refreshing sight to see the murals back in town again. I hope there are more to come.

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