It’s Just Too Soon to Predict

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It’s almost impossible to avoid all the political speculation that appears on our media boxes these days. But, I really do make a point of trying to avoid it. The talking heads on TV and talk radio make good money reading their crystal balls but they’re rarely correct. Guessing who the American people are going to give the key to the White House is one of those, it ain’t over till the large lady sings, things.

Simple truth struck home again last week with some information that appeared several places in national news coverage and online. On September 22, 2007 the pollsters had Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama by some 44% to 16% and Edwards in the single digits. And in the 2007 Republican primary race New York’s Mayor Giuliani led with 28% to Fred Thompson’s 23% and John McCain’s 15%.

Well, we all know how that turned out. Obama got the White House, Hillary became a world traveler, Giuliani changed his last name to Nine-eleven, Edwards is paying child support and possibly headed for prison, and burly voiced ole’ Fred Thompson is selling time shares or something on cable TV. The point is simply, the only certainty about election speculation is that the heads will keep making noise and the cable news channels will keep writing them paychecks.

Oh yeah, almost forgot Huckabee. He didn’t win but he did get his name known and landed a nice gig with Fox News. One thing you can speculate on is that the Huckster won’t be giving up three squares a day and a good salary for any risky assault on the nation’s capital. The big man is playin’ bass in the fast lane and livin’ large!

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