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A woman I met this fall who lives in Texas but has Greenfield connections told me about Eileen Smith’s blog, in the Pink. Smith is a Texan, a former employee of Rick Perry, and a writer with a razor-sharp satirical style. I visit her site often and almost always come away with a smile. Here’s a recent sample of her work.

On Fox News last night, Perry told Sean Hannity that President Obama can’t possibly understand the plight of the unemployed because he “grew up in a privileged way.” I suppose he’s on to something there. I would have much rather been raised by a single mother who relied on food stamps after my father left and then dropped off to live with my grandparents. That’s so cushy compared to how I grew up in McLean with a one-arched McDonald’s. A McDonald’s with only one golden arch instead of two! Can you imagine? WE COULDN’T AFFORD THE OTHER ARCH. Luckily I was able to defy the odds, escape the mean streets of Northern Virginia and become a successful blogger.

“He never had to really work for anything,” Perry said. “This president has never felt that angst that [the unemployed] have in their heart.” Unlike Perry, a child of mixed race who grew up poor in Paint Creek. Perry also complained that Obama thinks he’s “the smartest guy in the room.” Perry’s never the smartest guy in the room. Unless he’s in a room with the Kardashians. (Even then it would be a toss-up between him and Kourtney.)

Seriously? Is this Perry’s new message? That he can relate to voters because he has never claimed to be the smartest person in the room and if he did no one would believe him anyway? I know how hard it is to be the smartest person in the room, how isolated you feel because there’s no one there who matches your intellect. I’ve often looked enviously at the little-brains around me thinking how much fun they must be having. Right? Aren’t you guys having fun?

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