Black Bean & Corn Soup. It’s So Damned Easy!

Maybe the only thing better than cooking good food is cooking good food that taste wonderful and is so damned easy. My version of black bean and corn soup is a perfect example. Here’s the deal…

  • A big can of black beans, drain and wash the liquid off
  • Put the entire can into a blender or food processor along with a little milk, half & half, or heavy cream
  • Turn on the switch and create a purée
  • Empty contents into large enough pot or pan
  • Add a little sliced smoked sausage for extra flavor and protein
  • Stir in a small can of whole kernel corn, some fresh chopped onions, a variety of chopped peppers, a little chopped garlic, and enough cayenne pepper to give it the kick you crave
  • I happened to have some end of season fresh tomatoes so I diced a couple of small ones up and added those to the brew
  • Add more milk to attain the consistency you like
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Let it simmer for a while
  • Ladle to a bowl
  • Add a dollop of sour cream and a few chopped scallions for garnish and ENJOY

Now, how much more damned simple can it get?

3 thoughts on “Black Bean & Corn Soup. It’s So Damned Easy!”

  1. Sounds pretty good.

    Wish that the General Store had some sort of a user save or archive so I could find this easily again.

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