Colored News!

I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide just how far we’ve come but, while doing some research in the Hillsboro Press Gazette archives, I discovered their social news section, as recently as 1942, contained a regular column titled Colored News. Certainly a part of the “good ole’ days” we don’t need to revisit.

Colored News from 1939 Hillsboro Press Gazette.

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  1. Those old Press Gazette social columns are really interesting. I’ve spent way too much time perusing them and the Press Gazettes in general on Ancestry. My Turner grandparents and our family are mentioned in many of the social columns as they visited and traveled. I uncovered a family scandal in their generation among my grandmothers siblings in the court proceedings. It was the closest thing to Facebook for that generation! I know my grandmother read those columns closely and based on the number of times they and their friends are mentioned there must have been a diligent social reporter in the Marshall community.

    1. I’ve just recently subscribed to and didn’t know about access to the Press Gazette at the time. Still feeling my way and dealing with the learning curve. But, I think it’s going to be a great resource for local historical information. Sure wish the Greenfield Daily Times and its predecessors were online.

  2. When my mother-in-law died and we inherited a box or two of her belongings there was a scrapbook of some old newspaper clippings in there that shocked us. I don’t know how to put this as we never thought of color as being a deciding thing in the story. I think it was a high speed chase after robbing Orlando’s. Been too long since we read it, but it was in Greenfield Daily Times. We couldn’t believe what we were reading. I really didn’t think skin color should have been a factor or even mentioned but it was. STUNNING!

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