Ohioans and Mississippians are Freer Today

Just when I was about to give up hope that voters in this nation could make sane decisions they did, at least in Ohio and Mississippi. My shrinking middle-class hat is off to all those who worked so hard to defeat Issue 2 and the 61% of the Ohio voters who voted for its repeal. The same nod of approval is due the 58% of  Mississippi voters who stood up against the rights stifling “personhood” amendment in that state.

It amazes me that those on the far right, who claim such disdain for the power of government, are so willing to use government’s power to limit the rights and freedoms of those with whom they disagree.

At least in two American states today, citizens are freer. Freer to participate in the terms of their employment and freer to hold beliefs that, at the same time, are as basic and complex as life itself.

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