Our Current Status

Our current president is Democrat Barack H. Obama, born in Hawaii, a Harvard graduate, and first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. After college, he moved to Chicago and taught constitutional law.

A United Church of Christ member, he made political strides in the Illinois Senate by passing health reform for children, cutting taxes for working families of Illinois, passed lobbying reform, and put federal spending online.

Currently he wants to invest in the country’s infrastructure to repair our roads, bridges, and transportation systems to put people back to work; he wants to streamline and reform the patent process for entrepreneurs; he wants to extend the payroll tax cuts, and pass more trade agreements to sell our products overseas.

Obama inherited an economy deep in debt, ravaged by wars, and high unemployment. In three years, he has scaled many hurdles and passed the Affordable Care Act to allow 50 million uninsured Americans the ability to get health care and improve their lives. His list of accomplishments are so long that it would take to long to explain them all. Instead, go to this link and see the partial list of 244 accomplishments within the first 20 months in office; there were more added to the list in the last year.

Obama’s main obstacle is from radical Republicans who have stalled multiple bills in Congress, and fought every idea (even if it was theirs, but Obama liked it),  just to bring down the MAN. The Republicans brought the country to the brink of default to discredit the President rather than serve the needs of the people. That is not how democracy is supposed to work.

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