Tales from the Classroom, Part II

Last year I had a new kid arrive in my 3rd grade Physical Education class. Her name was Chelsea. She seemed like a nice, unassuming kid, though she was understandably shy on her first day at our school. As I always do with new students, I decided to try and make her feel more comfortable. I walked up to her and, well, here’s what transpired:

Me: “Chelsea! That’s a cool name.”

Chelsea: “Thanks.”

Me: “How do you like it here so far?”

Chelsea, shyly: “I like it.”

Me: “Oh, that’s nice. Hey, what’s this?”

I then proceeded to perform the old “pull the quarter out of the ear” trick, a surefire way to impress and amaze 8-year olds. I couldn’t have been more proud of my technique, by the way. But then . . .

Chelsea, wide-eyed and backing away: “YOU DON’T LOVE JESUS!!!”

Me: “Wait. What? Who?”


She then proceeded to make a run for it but was stopped at the door by the principal, who just happened to be walking into the gym. Needless to say I has some splainin’ to do.

On a related note, I crossed the “Fly Your Harry Potter Broomstick Race” off my game list for that particular class.

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