There’s More to Being President Than Being Old Enough!

Seems like every cycle of the news brings new revelations of just how ill-prepared so many GOP presidential candidates are. The US Constitution only requires a person to be a natural-born citizen, lived fourteen years in the US and be 35-years old. But, while these are the legal prerequisites there exist others that are far more demanding.

One of my basic requirements is that my candidate has to be well-educated. That demands they be extremely knowledgeable of American and World History, advanced economic systems, Constitutional law, foreign affairs, policy, and diplomacy. Presidents have lots of people around them to offer advice and can’t be expected to know everything. But, they must bring to the job a deep and broad foundation from which to judge the information and advice of others.

This is where so many of the current crop of GOP candidates fail. They simply make too many gaffes caused by a severe lack of fundamental knowledge. Michelle Bachmann didn’t seem to know that many of the Founding Fathers owned slaves and the union was forged from a series of difficult compromises regarding the disposition of slavery. She seemed to have a problem with where the shot heard around the world rang out and keeping the life of  John Adams apart from that of his son, John Quincy Adams.

Rick Perry’s major problem is he simply doesn’t believe in the United States Constitution. He seems to have forgotten that we fought a Civil War to decide the issue of a state’s right to secede from the Union. On several occasions he has offered the opinion that Texas consider secession and go its own way. He also has lots of problems with long-established Constitutional law and amendments. He questions the legitimacy of the 16th and 17th Amendments. Is weak in his support for the equal protection section of the 14th and is an avowed conservative Christian who favors a philosophy called dominionism. Believers in dominionism, which is also favored by Bachmann, would easily support the rewriting of the freedom of religion clause of the 1st Amendment and establish America as a Christian Theocracy.

Herman Cain, however, is the current master of misinformation. The Herminator is having problems with geography, not knowing just where that place called Uzbecky-becky-becky-stan-stan is or the president of the United States having no part in approving or signing into law amendments to the US Constitution.

His latest historical blunder is the spark that prompted this article. Mr. Black-Walnut offered the revelation that the Chinese were working on developing a nuclear weapons program and building a more powerful Navy. Obviously Herm doesn’t remember the Chinese playing with atoms in the 1950s and blowing up their own nuclear play thing in 1964. I wonder if Herman knows the Chinese have air planes, ICBM missiles, and launched satellites into space as early as 1970? Hell, he may not even know China is given credit for creating gun powder.

My analogy to Cain becoming president is akin to someone wanting to be a history teacher without a broad foundation of historical events, trends, and concepts. How would it work if such a person walked into a high school classroom and every time a student ask a question or made a statement, the teacher would have to say, “Well, I don’t have an answer to that but I’ll check it out and get back to you.” Or, just simply made up some story and let it stand as the truth. That to me is similar to what Cain is proposing when he tells the world he doesn’t have to know about foreign affairs and other nations, he’ll have people to tell him about those things.

Well Mr. Cain, it doesn’t work like that. When the president’s telephone rings in the middle of the night there just may not be time to look up the answer and get back to the caller.

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