To Coin an Accurate Synonym, Newtpocrisy

The old Newtpocriter himself!

While Newt Gingrich’s roller coaster ride to the Republican nomination has lacked consistent progress what has been consistent is his non-stop jabbering. Gingrich has never known a word he didn’t want to say. Newt is never without a comment and never seems aware that video tape exist of him having said the opposite in recent memory.

What Newt does most often, is most often considered hypocrisy, by most people. Arguably the best example may be his outspoken support for the impeachment of President Clinton while he, himself, was engaged in a sexual liaison with someone other than his wife. Other examples are as near by as Googling “Newt Gingrich hypocrisy.” I did such and immediately came across a list, composed by a fact check organization, of just a few of his beauts. Hard to tell what else I could have found if I’d taken 60 seconds rather than 30.

There seems to be nothing that Newt hasn’t stepped on his tongue over. So much that I’ve decided he deserves special recognition. Therefore, I’m beginning a movement to lobby the Webster’s Dictionary people to include Newtpocrisy as a synonym for hypocrisy and include a photo of the Newtster next to the dictionary listing. defines synonym as meaning, “A person or thing so closely associated with a particular quality or idea that the mention of their name calls it to mind.” Now isn’t that just perfect?

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