Touchy, Touchy!

A TV news item just passing through my sensory preceptors reports that a Syracuse University coach has been accused of making sexual advances towards a couple of students on his baseball team. No crap, the particular students are brothers and their position on the team was, “ball boys.”

2 thoughts on “Touchy, Touchy!”

  1. Here, apparently, the students are college students and, therefore, most likely of age, putting this incident in a whole other ballpark compared the the situation inferred. The only problem, or the main one, here is a possible violation of the university’s policy, if any, on allowed extracurricular activities with students. (That policy usually has a word that would define it better than I just did, but I can neither think of it, nor find it via a quick google search)

    BTW, some universities have really strict policies that forbid going out to eat with students, some universities (or colleges) have looser policies that simply vaguely say to not be too public with “relationships” with students, and some, such as Berea College, have policies somewhere in the middle.

    For example, at Berea there were special monies set aside for professors to use to facilitate fostering friendships with students; one of the bigger stipends was for hosting a party, cookout, or other meeting with a class at the professors’ homes.

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