Physical Education Classes, circa 1918 McClain HS

Nate Cockerill tipped me off to these photos taken in the gymnasium at McClain High School, Greenfield, OH, in 1918. The physical education instructor in the boys photo was L.C. Bundgaard. If you attended McClain into the 1970s you’ll recall the various pieces of equipment seen in these photos. They were taken in what is now called the “old” gym and none of the exercise equipment seen here remains. Look closely and notice the absence of any obese students.



2 thoughts on “Physical Education Classes, circa 1918 McClain HS”

  1. Although you said into the 70’s-They were not there in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Looks like the apparatus shown is where the Basketball ball benchs were and the door looks like the one going to the locker room. Maybe my memory is wrong but that looks like where its located.

    1. You’re correct, most of what appears in these photos was gone by the 50s. However, there still existed a descending metal framework that can be seen above the heads of the boy’s PE class. When it was lowered it may have been a type of parallel bar device. That general corner of the gym is much different today. At one time it was opened up and used as the HS cafeteria serving area. Don’t know what the room is used for today.

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