Congress Gets Richer, The People Don’t

Saw a news item this morning soured the cream in my coffee. Like most Americans I’m already out of love with the US Congress, both parties included. Comes as no shock but both the NY Times and the Washington Post are reporting that the average net worth of congress persons has increased by 15% since 2004 while the average net worth of average Americans has decreased by 8%.

I know to some this is just one more example of a liberal stirring up CLASS WAR. Call it CW if you must but it is one more example of those in power becoming even more removed from those whose votes they pleaded for. One more example of America’s wealth becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer people. Another example of a shrinking middle-class and a growing sense of despair and separation from the American dream.

The cost of running a successful campaign has become so great the politician has to jump in bed with the millionaire. To read the complete Post story click HERE.

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