Johnson Controls to Add Second Line

According to an article to be published in tomorrow’s Times-Gazette, Greenfield’s Johnson Controls plant will be adding a second production line and hiring an additional 96 employees by June of 2012. Currently the company employs 117 workers after having closed its plant in 2009 and reopening earlier this year. In my humble opinion this is further proof that President Obama’s policy regarding American automobile manufacturers has been a success. Greenfield lost well over 200 jobs when the economy tanked in 2008, most were related to the automobile parts industry. By June the community will have gotten back a substantial number of those jobs lost.

4 thoughts on “Johnson Controls to Add Second Line”

  1. Your facts are a little off Bro. The repubs et al did the auto bail out in Dec of 2008, Ford (Johnson Control’s biggest customer) did not paricipate, and the dems raised hell initially. Long term it will probably still prove to be a mistake.

    1. In fact it did begin under Bush but the decision to continue the policy and the provision of the mass bulk of the bailout was an Obama decision. I’ll also remind you that anytime the Tea Party and other critics of the bailout mention it, it is Obama who gets the blame. I know Ford didn’t participate but all American auto companies are benefiting from the adjustments made to the industry as a whole that were permitted by the terms of the government’s intervention. Here is a quote from an article that appeared on NPR’s website.

      “True, Bush’s electoral career was over in December 2008, when he extended $17.4 billion of TARP money to keep the companies alive long enough to give Obama a chance to act. Still, it took guts for Bush to decide not to “leave the next president to confront the demise of a major American industry in his first days of office.”

      Yet it was Obama who put in the bulk of the cash — in all, Bush’s input had grown to $25 billion before he left office while Obama put up an additional $60 billion — and created the tough restructuring plan.””

      I don’t know who is buying the bulk of Johnson Controls seats today but historically they have sold to many major mfgs., not just Ford. I’ll check it out.

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