Lighting up the Christmas Season

We took our annual Christmas decorations road trip this evening and the hits of the evening were the synchronized sound and light shows staged by Pokey Post on Hillcrest Drive and the Field’s family in the 800 block of Lafayette Street, both in Greenfield.

At each place there are several musical numbers/displays presented and the audio portion is broadcast over a FM radio signal at a frequency displayed in front of each home. So, if  you’re planning to walk I’d recommend taking a lawn chair and a portable FM radio.

Here are a couple of brief videos I shot, one of each place. I highly recommend you pack the kids and/or grand kids into the mini-van and let them experience these happenings in person, video just doesn’t present the true picture.

We also want to thank Pokey and the Field’s family for their time, expense, and effort spent to bring these warm moments into our lives. And thanks to all the others in our area for lighting up the Christmas night for all of us to enjoy.

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