Parker J. Shines

As many of you know, Parker J. Pfister is a world renowned wedding photographer and a graduate of McClain High School. He also just did one heck of a good job demonstrating what goes into fashion photography to a group of troubled teenage girls on a cable network show titled Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back. Episode 16, which aired on November 30, 2011 featured Parker (Jason) doing a photo shoot of the girls and then demonstrating the computer magic used to turn their photos into blemish free, magazine ready, examples.

The point was to show that the perfection we all witness in countless fashion and fan magazines is not natural or normal. These photos are the creations of a photographer and teams of graphic artists who spend hours making each impression “picture” perfect. The Jason Pfister I had as a student and have remained friends with over the years was the one I saw on my TV, full of energy and a love for his art and his subjects. It was wonderful to watch him melt the reluctance of those girls and give their egos a major boost. I checked online and it seems the episode can be watched online at a website called TVLinks…click HERE.

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  1. This is where the phrase; “Only in America” should be used A LOT!!! Until College I was under the same delusions as these poor girls were. That was when I was exposed to a couple of things first photography, computers, and then one of my dear friends Arlie who was a fashion/design major. I learned that no there was nothing wrong with me every woman had cellulite!!! My friend got spend her spring break in France and brought back one of our favorite magazines “Cosmo” the same magazine published in the states is published around the world!! And yes it was an English version (she got a French one to) but unlike the “English Version” in the States all the “Air brushing” wasn’t done. Those skinny, waffer thin models had dimples on their thighs!!! My question is why only in America do we make it so imposible for the American woman to live up to such an impossible standard?
    I have also learned with traveling with my husband that England is the same…no airbrushing. This from a country that has the page 3 girl every morning in the Sun. I’m hoping that I remembered the right page. LOL

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