Pig Lickin’ BBQ…Pigging Out in Greenfield

Couple of summers ago Josh Allen and Tina Barnhart fired up a smoker at the east end of Rocky Fork Lake and began selling smoked pork and beef brisket under the name Pig Lickin’ BBQ. I and many others have eaten there and the reports have all been good. I’ve had their pulled pork and a sampling of the brisket. Both were as good as you get most places in the South or in Texas but without the long drive which makes it even better and more affordable.

Last week I was in Greenfield and noticed they have set up shop in a food trailer across Jefferson Street from Buck’s Tire Service. Don’t know what their hours are but it was mid-afternoon on a Thursday and they were servin’ up que. BBQ is one of those things you can buy by the pound, take it home, and it doesn’t lose anything in the translation. It travels well.

Another example of local people trying to add a little extra to our community. Do your part and give them your support. A pound or two might be the perfect thing to have on hand for the New Year’s Day bowl games. I’d get your order in early, however.

2 thoughts on “Pig Lickin’ BBQ…Pigging Out in Greenfield”

  1. Tina and Josh will go out of there way to be sure you will get what you need !!!! I find there BBQ food (pork,brisket,chik’n,ribs,chops ) to be very good …i’m also waitingto get to the ol greentown for a Hillbilly Ruebin !!! highly recomended by a guy who eats BBQ all over his travals ,,they can compete!!!!!

  2. I had one of their pulled pork sandwiches a couple of weeks ago. It was very good. My only complaint would have been the pork was more shredded then pulled making it difficult to eat, it kept falling off the bun.

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