The Old Ohio

I read a story on the Huffington Post stating Ohio ranks 24 out of 50 in the list of the best and worst run states. As you can see below, it starts out referring to the year 2009 when Ted Strickland was Governor. I knew for sure they couldn’t be talking about the state in the last 11 months, since the current Governor is trying to run the state further down the list of the worst states in America! We can look back at history and see where we used to be and band together as we did with the Repeal of SB5 and hope for a recall law to be passed early in 2012.

What 24th means:

  • State debt per capita: $2,423 (17th lowest)
  • Pct. without health insurance: 12.3% (17th lowest)
  • Pct. below poverty line: 14.8% (17th highest)
  • Unemployment: 9.1% (17th highest)

Ohio’s state revenue in the fiscal year of 2009 was the fourth-lowest in the country. In the same time period, the state spent $71 billion, nearly three times that amount per resident. Despite that fact, Ohio still has an AA+ credit rating and a below-average debt per capita. Ohio scores worse than average on unemployment, median income, foreclosures and poverty. The state does slightly better on graduation rates. Ohio also spends a higher portion of its budget on education than most states.

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