Try Thinking Before Clicking

This is about the kind of mindless dribble that appears on the Internet on an all too frequent routine. It is also about how the willingly ignorant grasp ahold of such things, don’t consider the reality or truth, and then, with the speed of light send then forward to their just as quick to accept and ignorant friends. It is no different from old women gossiping over the back yard fence or old men swapping half-truths at the coffee shop. It just travels faster today and has a larger audience.

The photo collage showing a group Muslims at prayer next to football quarterback, Tim Tebow, praying during a pro football game ask the question, why is it okay for Muslims to pray and not Christian Tebow? Well, the answer to the question is simple. There is no difference, it is okay for either to pray. There are no laws against it. If Muslims want to gather in public places and pray they face the same legal requirements that Christians or any other group would face regarding legal permits that may be required by local ordinances. Every year a group in my local community meets on the lawn of the city building for a public prayer service. Local law doesn’t forbid it. And, local law wouldn’t forbid a group of Muslims to do the same or for any person to put a knee to the ground and recite a prayer.

The greatest threat to the gathered Muslims doesn’t come from government, it comes from their fellow citizens who have ill-informed and paranoid ideas about Muslims. The greatest threat to Tim Tebow isn’t from government either, it is the owners of the Denver Broncos and how they might respond if some corporate sponsor was to utter a complaint about Tebow’s behavior being too controversial.

Don’t lose sight of the ongoing controversy involving the home building chain, Lowe’s, and their caving into a right-wing conservative religious group about their sponsorship of the TV program, American Muslim. That was the Christian right using its power against portraying the real lives of America’s Muslim communities. To be fair, there are those who disapprove of Tebow’s public expression of faith. Bill Maher just got his tit in the ringer by saying Jesus had screwed over Tebow during the recent Bronco defeat over the Christmas holiday. So what, Maher isn’t the government, he doesn’t speak for the great majority of Americans. He’s just one atheist telling a joke about a guy who wears his faith as eye shadow.

If you’re one of those who saw this photo and instantly clicked on “Like” and then shared it with all your Facebook friends without giving it some thought, here’s something for you to consider. We the People spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to educate you. Part of that effort was supposed to get us a person who would use their intellect before their gut reaction. So how about giving back a little of what you were given? How about just stopping for a brief few moments to consider what is really portrayed in these two photos? In each you see people praying to their God and asking for the same things. God’s love, his understanding, and his help. See, there is no difference!

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2 thoughts on “Try Thinking Before Clicking”

  1. What’s the deal ? Baseball players have been “crossing” themselves for years. Football players have been kneeling in the end zone after a touch down, kissing their fingers and pointing to the heavens .. People have got to get a life.

  2. I’ll add that if you choose to flaunt and/or make any kind of public statement about your faith or politics – or anything else for that matter – you become fair game for criticism and parody, as well as praise. I find most banner-waving to be in questionable taste, especially when it comes to matters of religious belief. It may be interpreted differently by some, but Tebow makes making a political statement every time he prays on the field.

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