10 Most Racist Quotes of 2011

NewsOne is a website targeted towards African-Americans. I take a look at it on occasion just to stay tuned with their take on events. In modern politics we discard race cards about as easy as we give up deuces and trays in a game of cards. Often though, we don’t realize that what we’re saying is a race card. We all say things before or without thinking about the consequences. Well, maybe taking a look at what NewsOne thinks are the 10 best examples of racist statements in 2011 will help educate us a little. Click HERE for the story.

2 thoughts on “10 Most Racist Quotes of 2011”

  1. Wow comes to mind. Hard to believe in this day and age such things still come out of peoples mouths… Not saying it’s connected but if you notice several of the people uttering the garbabge where republicans, coincidence ??? lol

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