Ford v. Chevy – Strad v. Guido, What’s The Difference?

For as long as there have been Ford and Chevrolet cars men have been arguing over which is best. The same exists with many, if not all, things that are not unique or one of a kind. Farmers argue over green (John Deere) and red (International), golfers over which brand of clubs is best, some smokers say they can’t stand the taste of a Camel or that they can only smoke menthol. There is no end to it.

The same exist in musical instruments. Some guitar players prefer Gibsons while others are lovers of Guild or Fender. Among violin players we all know that the best violins ever made were hand crafted 300 years ago by the Italian masters, Stradivari and Guarneri. We all do know that. Yes we do, we’ve been told that repeatedly through our lives.

Well, just like both a Ford or a Chevy will get you from point A to point B a recent study has much to say about whether a 300 year old Stradivari will soothe your soul more than one made by a contemporary NYC Italian named Guido. As reported on NPR Music, a team of researchers has recently conducted a double-blind test of violins to decide if there really is a difference. The online article has a couple of audio clips permitting the visitor to judge for themselves if they can perceive a difference.

One thing I found interesting were the comments posted at the end of the article. Amazing how people, when faced with information they don’t want to hear, cling to their perceived truths. Boy does that speak to a truth.

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