Professor Irwin Corey, World’s Foremost Authority

Every now and then something jars your memory and you ask yourself, “I wonder if so and so is still living?” Well, it just happened to me regarding Professor Irwin Corey, a guy people my age often saw doing his shtick on TV years ago. Corey was billed as Professor Irwin Corey, World’s Foremost Authority.

While we all knew he was the foremost authority, we never knew what he was an authority on. Usually dressed in a baggy black suit, white shirt, black string tie, and long disheveled hair he would frequently begin by taking several pauses as if trying to recall where he was and why he was there. After gathering his thoughts he would enter into long diatribes filling the air with random words of double-talk that some how sounded like logical thoughts and complete sentences but really had little or no meaning. In the end we didn’t know any more that when we began but damn the trip was funny.

Whatever became of Professor Iriwn Corey? Well, a little digging and I soon learned he is alive and hopefully well, living in NYC. He is in his mid-90s and still doing the occasional gig in the Big Apple. He has a website and a number of videos of him, both back in the day and fairly recent, are on YouTube.

Maybe I’m just out of the loop but I really miss people like Corey. Like so many comics of my youth, you always knew what you were going to get and what you got always made you laugh. Some didn’t stand the test of time but having just watched several of Corey’s videos, I still laughed out loud.

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