Random Thought, The Homeless Dude

There’s just something wrong about a guy hanging out at a major traffic intersection holding a cardboard sign reading, “Homeless and Hungry,” and wearing a reflective highway safety vest. Sounds too much like the guy got out of bed, put on his uniform, and went to the office.

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One thought on “Random Thought, The Homeless Dude”

  1. I have told Larry this story before. There is a fellow in Raleigh NC that goes to an off ramp of the Inner Beltline around Raleigh that leads to its major Mall. He parks his relative new BMW under the overpass having just left his $350,000 North Raleigh home dressed in his Vietnam Era camos, goes to the bottom of the ramp and starts holding up his sign “will work for food”. He has been there most days for over 20 years I know of. Has a panhandling permit from the City, pays taxes, and has been on CNN several times……

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