Refrigerator Games

I hate to have anything on the front of my refrigerator except at Christmas time when it’s covered with Santa magnets.

During the remainder of the year, “stuff” is only allowed to be on the SIDE of the refrigerator, dammit! Yes, I do make the rules!

However, we have ongoing “refrigerator games”. Our “refrigerator games” are family and friends endeavors. There are no rules. We post a name, phrase, question or something of interest and all family members and friends are encouraged to participate.


A recent favorite posting on the refrigerator: “IF A DOCUMENTARY WAS MADE ABOUT MORGAN FREEMAN, WHO WOULD NARRATE IT?” After hearing three different documentaries narrated by Morgan, Les asked that question. We had a variety of answers, but I think the best was James Earl Jones.

Another time, when Sarah Palin used the abbreviation “WTF” on her website, contributions were encouraged; some of the good ones:

“Wasilla Teapot Freak”
“White Trash Fanny”
“Willful Terrormongering Fanatic”
“Won’ T Finish”
“Whoa, There, Freakanoid”
“Where’s Todd’s Floozy?”
“Where’s The Facts?”
“Willow, Trigg and Failin'”

and my favorite:

“After Tuesday, even the calendar is WTF”

A favorite NAME on the refrigerator was “LEE” and although PATRICIA LEE COTTEY BURCH’s contributions were good, I think Les’ “R. LEE ERMEY” was the best because he jotted down after it: “The “R” stands for right-wing nut job!”

Once, after a poker game, the following mysteriously appeared on the refrigerator: “What do you call a woman with PMS, ESP, and SPC: a woman who knows everything and can prove it!” All submissions were printed so I could not identify the handwriting of the culprits!

NOOSPHERE–that’s a word I never heard of before today!

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  1. As for the narrator, I’d have to go with John Wend if Freeman wasn’t available. My second choice would be Brad Roberts, lead singer of The Crash Test Dummies.

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