Mixed News for Liberals & Conservatives

Many years ago there was a popular radio journalist named Gabriel Heatter who opened every broadcast with the phrase, “There’s good news tonight.” Paraphrasing Heatter, the best I can say is there’s mixed news tonight for both liberals and conservatives.

Liberals will enjoy, and conservatives will detest, a report appearing on Huffington Post claiming prejudice and conservative people have lower IQs than liberals. Of course, we liberals have always known this. The complete HP story may be read by clicking HERE.

Now liberals, wipe the smug smile off your faces because it’s our turn in the barrel. Another recent study claims that Republicans, who are usually conservative, experience more sexual orgasms than Democrats, who are usually more liberal. The complete story may be read at the Daily Beast by clicking HERE.

Now, if I were a younger man I would be faced with a dilemma, whether to remain a Democrat and vote for the re-election of President Obama or change my registration to Republican and…!

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