B.B.’s BBQ & Snak Shak, Waveland, MS

Waveland, MS, "Rising Above the Storm."

Many of you know I’m a sucker for stopping at a new BBQ joint. Well, on our way along the Gulf coast, going through Waveland, Mississippi, I noticed a nondescript little place on the far side of the street called B.B.’s BBQ & Snak Shak. The wife and I being hungry I pulled a slightly legal u-turn and headed for their parking lot.

B.B.’s is an old place in an old strip mall but once inside we were greeted by two of the friendliest faces in the South. You order at a counter from a large menu scrolled on the back wall. The offerings run the entire gamete of BBQ essentials to a wide choice of traditional po’ boy sandwiches and other Gulf Coast foods. As soon as my eyes saw shrimp po’ boy the decision was made, half a po’ boy, dressed (that means with rémoulade sauce, lettuce, and tomato), side of slaw, and a sweet tea with lemon. After ordering you take a seat and wait for the food to be delivered.

There are two things I can say about B.B’s po’ boy. First, the baguette it was made with was one of the finest pieces of bread I’ve ever eaten. It was a crispy, chewy crust on the outside while being airy and tender inside. Second, the shrimp; fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, lightly battered, crispy and oh, so sweet.

After consuming every crumb of the sandwich we got to talking to the two ladies behind the counter. I asked them if Waveland was the town where Katrina made landfall and they confirmed it was. They then pointed to a green marker at the top of their 8′ front wall showing the high-water mark when Katrina’s storm surge came rolling in. Both women had been able to evacuate the town before the surge but one barely made it to slightly higher ground. Both these ladies had seen a lot, survived what too many others weren’t able to, had stories to tell, and were optimistic about their community’s future. “We’re comin’ back,” they told us. I’m convinced they will and convinced that if I make it to Waveland again I’ll be stopping in for a po’ boy at B.B.’s.

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