GOP Jumps Head First in Own Stuff!

Making predictions about political outcomes is risky business and I try not to publicly speculate about who’s going to win anything. About every time I have the voter has proven me wrong. It is interesting however to consider some things. For example, just how the GOP hopes to win Michigan (and possibly Ohio) with an all out attack on the auto bailout.

Political commentator, Michael Tomasky, thinks their hatred of President Obama has forced them into simply giving away Michigan. “That Republicans were willing to let maybe a quarter-million families lose their breadwinner out of hatred of Obama and ideological rigidity is beyond comprehension,” Tomasky recently wrote at The Daily Beast.

Knowing the voter can rarely be relied on, it is hard to believe that a working person in any industrial state, such as MI and OH, could vote GOP this year. The American car manufacturer is doing well at the moment and so are all the auxiliary businesses that rely on a healthy auto industry. In my hometown alone hundreds of jobs that disappeared at the onset of the recession have now come back. And in a county that just recently had the highest unemployment rate in the state of Ohio is beginning to show good signs of recovery. Much of this comes as a result of the auto bailout and other stimulus programs from the federal government. Whether you like Obama or not, a lot of Ohioans have food on the table today because of his policies. And ironically, the entrenched ideology of the GOP maybe helping to make sure Obama returns to office in January.

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