According to reports the medical community has identified a new phobia about people who have an irrational fear of losing or being separated from their cellphones. I told my oldest granddaughter about this and she replied, “I love my phone, it’s my friend.” I think she may have nomophobia. I may have just a smidgen of it myself, I do feel a little uncomfortable when I discover I’ve left home and left my phone behind. Kind of like driving around naked, it just doesn’t seem the right thing to do. Hopefully they’ll find a cure.

Also, a friend of mine emailed me that there is a condition in which men become so use to wearing their phone on their belt in vibrator mode they experience “phantom vibrations” when not wearing their phone.

3 thoughts on “Nomophobia”

  1. Yeah, I got mine in 2008, and frequently ask myself how I made it for 64 years without being able to call people I’d never think of calling before.

  2. I’ve been looking for that word….”phantom vibrations”. I feel them all the time when my phone is not in my right front jeans pocket. I’m also glad to hear that others experience that feeling and it wasn’t just me. : )

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