Random Thought, New Rule for Cruisin’

Bill Maher ends his weekly HBO show with a segment called “New Rules.” Well, here’s a new rule I think cruise ship companies should consider. It is based on the size of the average passenger I observed on a recent Caribbean cruise. New rule, men over 275 lbs and women over 225 should not be allowed on the Lido Deck of any cruise ship. The Lido Deck is where the all-you-can-eat hog troughs are located.

One thought on “Random Thought, New Rule for Cruisin’”

  1. Ruby and I cruise a lot. And usually they are long cruises up to 47 days. This is my own personal rule. We go to our room and order room service, for which their is no charge and on most ships has a nice selection and relitively quick service.The last 6 cruises, I have not gained a pound and on two of them, I lost weight.

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