The Onion’s Take on the New Panera Bread in Town

Over the years I’ve written several pieces about the need to buy local and support mom and pop businesses. I love doing business with people I know and who know me. Having your morning coffee at your favorite small cafe can be akin to coffee with your family around your grandmother’s kitchen table.

Unfortunately so many of these cafes and coffee shops are being pushed into history by big chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s Cafe, Panera Bread, and others. Ruing the loss of a local coffee shop isn’t what this piece is about. What it’s about is just to direct you to a story that appeared on The Onion about a small neighborhood in a Massachusetts community where it is rumored a Panera Bread is locating. If you’re not familiar with The Onion, what they report is not the news, just what they think would be a funny take on the news. What caught me about this story is that it is the exact opposite of what I want to take place.

Click HERE to read The Onion’s take on the arrival of Panera Bread.

2 thoughts on “The Onion’s Take on the New Panera Bread in Town”

  1. Those people should stop by my Panera in Mentor Ohio, they would get just what they desire – indifferent service, surly staff, long lines,take a number, screaming children, crowded tables and booths. Just their idea of heaven! Maybe it’s the Paneral model…. it’s so funny that this “spoof” article described Panera as I know it to a T!

  2. Ha! I stopped at Panera Tuesday evening in the Dayton area and the young lady that waited on me talked my head off. The folks in Mass. may be in for a rude awakening. It’s not about the business, it’s the people and the service they offer. Unfortunately “service” is lacking in many of today’s businesses and that, I believe, will prove to be their downfall.

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