Up on the Roof; Dogs Against Romney

Bo Obama has his own line of doggie wear as well as his own blog, LBJ’s beagles loved having their ears pulled, FDR is rumored to have sent a Navy ship to retrieve his dog Fala, George Dubya’s Scottie famously bit a reporter’s finger and scored points with his master’s base. All these dogs have made it into the history books and are maybe as remembered as their masters. The same has happened with Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus, they one who was famously placed on the roof of the family’s vehicle and driven to a vacation spot several hundred miles away. What the truth of the incident is will be forever lost in propaganda of presidential politics but it’s interesting to see the play it’s gotten.

These are the days that every thing can have a blog, a Facebook and Twitter account, videos on YouTube, anyone’s creations can instantly be broadcast to the world. That’s what’s happened with Romney’s dog. It now has websites and blogs fighting for the rights of dogs and at least one YouTube video titled Dogs Against Romney. It, of course, is a complete fabrication but cleaver, none the less. Here’s an example of such a video:


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