Wealth & Longevity

Ron Coffey had a piece on his blog asking the question, “Do wealthy people live longer?” Well, according to the statistics, yes they do. Not only do the infamous 1% get to live in bigger houses, own multiple houses, drive bigger cars, eat in fancier restaurants, and lots more, seems that they also get a bigger chunk of longevity in which to enjoy all their worldly possessions.

I scanned through the article Ron referenced and there really isn’t anything new here. It’s the same story I heard in Sociology 101 back in college. There is a direct relationship between quality of life and longevity to the amount of education one attains. Whether one is born into wealth or earns it, education is a key. The more education acquired the less likely a person is to smoke tobacco, abuse alcohol, use recreational drugs, eat improperly, not exercise, not have good quality health care at hand, and more.

Education isn’t just the key to a better quality of life it is also the key to the extra income that makes the rest possible. Moral of the story, get yourself an education, apply what you learn, and live longer. Or, remain ignorant and die young!

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