Katy Farber & HCCC Has a Program

Yesterday I posted a piece suggesting one way to deal with our decaying business centers is for commercial property owners to offer free or reduced rent to upstart businesses. A reader responded that in addition people wanting to start their own businesses receive professional assistance and/or training in establishing a business plan and the ABCs of small business.

This morning I received the following from Katy Farber who heads up the Highland County Chamber of Commerce:

“We do indeed have a program to help Highland County residents start or expand their business. Grow!Highland County is a cooperative effort between Southern State Community College and the Highland County Chamber of Commerce. Grow! Highland County provides free and confidential assistance to anyone who asks. The program is led by enterprise facilitator, Sid Raisch and supported by business professionals throughout our communities who want to see our small business community grow and prosper. I invite everyone to visit the website, www.growhighlandcounty.com, call Sid at 937-302-0423, or contact the Chamber at 937-393-1111. We’re here to help!

The idea of cooperative partnerships between vacant building owners and entrepreneurs is interesting. If anyone has an idea or offering, please call me at the Chamber and we’ll see what we can do to facilitate.”

So, there you have it. Part of the equation already is in place. The other two variables are those with the property coming forth along with those with the beginnings of a business plan they would like help in developing. The ball is rolling, now someone has to pick it up and take it for a jog.

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