My Grannie May Have Been Right

Just checking the headlines and came across two that caught my eye. One concerned a Clovis, NM mayor who publicly made the statement that President Obama is the, “carnal manifestation of evil,” and another about a company marketing a line of extremely racist anti-Obama bumper stickers based on the phrase, “Don’t re-nig in 2012.”

Politics in America has always been a blood sport and division has often spilled over into personal attacks that far exceed the bounds of civility. But, in the 21st Century it amazes me that so much of the old racial hatreds still exist and that a person can keep his political office while public espousing such hatred. I’m further concerned that a company can find a market for a product that does nothing but scream racial hatred. 

That the Rush Limbaughs, Glen Becks, Keith Olbermanns and so many others can amass large followings and garner great wealth while dancing around these extremes with immunity is but one more indicator that my long-gone Pentecostal grandmother may have had it right when she frequently proclaimed, “the end is near.”

2 thoughts on “My Grannie May Have Been Right”

  1. The creator and seller of the racist bumper stickers I referred to above is denying either she or her creations are racists. Me thinks she may be blinded by the light! Or, maybe by the sight of profits!

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