Pork, Mustard Greens, Sweet Corn & Black Eyed Peas

Haven’t posted a recipe in a while so here’s one I made up the other evening. Placed three Western cut pork ribs in a crock pot with a jar of something called Greek Cooking Sauce, some added water, and a handful of chunked up peppers from last summer’s garden. Let that cook on high until the meat was tender (about 4 hours) and then added a can of mustard greens, a can of sweet corn, and a can of black-eyed peas.

After an hour we served it up in bowls as a soup. It was one of those very easy and very inexpensive dishes that the more you ate the more you wanted. If you don’t have Greek Cooking Sauce toss in a can of mushroom soup or something. Use your imagination and take a risk.

By the way, I really like Sylvia’s and Glory brand canned veggies and if you keep your eye out you’ll find them on sale at places like the Dollar Store.

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