Random Thought: Contradiction in Highland County

Go into our community and there is lots of talk about the drug problem and all the associated crime. Yet, in Tuesday’s election the issue to replace the levy for Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Center was defeated in Highland County, 2 to 1. It is far less expensive to treat a person with addiction than to suffer the consequences of their crime supported drug addiction and/or to incarcerate them. PVADAMH covers a five county area and the final outcome of has yet to be determined. The tally is so close the results will be determined by counting the provisional ballots.

3 thoughts on “Random Thought: Contradiction in Highland County”

  1. I am ashamed for Highland County—-2-one–What were folks thinking when they marked their ballot No?

  2. I’m pleased to report that it passed in Fayette County both times; I wonder what the difference is?

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