Random Thought: Drinking for the Bottles

Several months ago I stopped in Columbus at a home-brew supply store and purchased a kit to brew some Scottish Ale. I have a bottle capper and the other needed equipment but lacked any non-twist off cap bottles. So, I picked up a couple of six-packs of imported beer and began saving bottles. I now have more than enough bottles to begin brewing but I think I’m having more fun just buying different kinds of beer and saving the empties.

3 thoughts on “Random Thought: Drinking for the Bottles”

  1. Hmm, during my nearly three weeks in Russell, Kansas, hometown of Bob Dole, someone brought some old-fashioned Grolsch bottles to a get-together involving my then host family, although *sigh* I didn’t get to partake of one of ’em; sighing because I used to love Grolsch.

  2. Would empty Grolsch bottles with their fangled (I didn’t know if “newfangled,” was appropriate, since they look old fashioned) cap-thingies facilitate the making of home brew?

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