Romeny-Bain and a Flip-Flop by McCain

As if the Democrats didn’t have a strong enough argument to use against Mitt Romney and his role in the creation and operation of Bain Capital, along comes John McCain. Back in 08 when Romney and McCain were fighting each other for the GOP nomination his research team put together a ton of documents on this subject.

According to a report in Talking Points Memo, McCain’s opposition research team put together 30 plus pages describing Romney and Bain Capital just as Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry did earlier in the GOP primary race; a company, under Romney’s leadership, that focused relentlessly on the bottom line at the expense of the employees of companies in which it invested.

It was Gingrich who referred to Romney-Bain’s style of capitalism as “vulture capitalism” and that is the message McCain was prepared to attack Romney with in 2008. Of course McCain is on Romney’s side this season and is now singing the praises of the Bain approach to capitalism, claiming those who criticize it are guilty of Soviet style economic  tyranny.

The same oppo file contains almost 200 pages of other anti-Romney data prepared for McCain’s use in 2008. Much of what is currently available for public consumption deals with the issues of abortion and contraception. A quick reading shows little about Romney’s true core values. Instead it gives further credence to believing Romney is a political creature guided by expediency and not consistency of ideology.

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