Suggested Reading: Too Many Wars, Too Few Soldiers

The following is a link to an op-ed piece in the Washington Post by Robert H. Scales, a retired U.S. Army major general and former commandant of the Army War College.

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  1. (This library computer won’t open the link, so I’m kinda leaving a note and subscribing to remind me to try at a different library someday; I’ll subscribe and if someone comments, then I’ll be reminded.)

    However, I do have a related, but inconsequential FYI; that is, that I have actually been to, as a visitor (not a “student”), to the Army War College, I think, if it’s the one in Washington D.C., I once had a host family near there who was a retired colonel, who continued to work there as a civilian, as a colonel (whatever that means), and he took me there for a visit. His job, as I recall, was to organize a few of each year’s classes, which meant that he got to communicate, and sometimes visit, I think, lots of countries around the world.

    [Now that I reread the above, in preparation for submitting it, I’m doubting myself; if diplomats, etc, from other countries attended was it the Army War College or something else?]

    Anyway, one day he let me borrow his car to tour the city, or wherever I wanted to go, and while trying to find the parking lot for the Iwo Jima Memorial I wandered into an Army base and was both saluted and waved through (because, I found out later, his car had a colonel sticker on the windshield).

    Interestingly, or circumstantially, this fellow’s wife worked in an archives section of the Library of Congress and I got to go with her on a visit there as well, having to go through a metal detector and wanding first. We went down into lots of tunnels under the library, and under the street, it seemed, and eventually, although it was in a plastic protector, I got to hold in my hand a lost letter to – I’d have to check my journal to be sure – a Confederate general from the Confederate President, or vice verse, that, rumor has it, might have changed the course, if not the outcome, of the Civil War had it been delivered; this letter, I was told, was valued at one million dollars.

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