Tales from the Classroom, Part IV

Just a couple quick ones here. As some of you know this is my first year back in the classroom after several years as an Athletic Director and PE teacher. Anyway, awhile back we had Valentine’s Day parties at the end of the day. When everyone was starting to leave to go home, a little 3rd grade kid sauntered by. Here’s the conversation:

Me: “Man, you guys really know how to party in this hallway.”

Kid, without missing a beat: “This is nothin’ man. St. Patrick’s Day is off the hook.”

That cracked me up for some reason.

A couple weeks ago I asked the kids as a bonus question on a test to name the seven dwarfs. What follows are some of the answers:






God, I love my job.

Finally, on another day a new kid enrolled. He was in first grade. His name? Diesel Walker. Coolest name ever, right? Kid had swag for days, just strutting around like he owned the place. First grade chicks dug him like you would not dream. Unfortunately that all ended one day when he pooped his pants. Let me tell ya, pooping your pants is a stone cold image killer. Plus, it’s hard to be badass when you’re waddling off to the school nurse, ya know? Sad day for the Diesel. Sad day indeed.

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  1. Shoe, I love your posts . You have some great stories and they are all true!!!!! You could write a book ……..???????

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