I understand addiction. I am an addict. I do not say this with any humor. I have been addicted to Coca Cola since I was a child. I recognize my addictive personality. I am empathetic with people who are addicted to smoking and other addictions which do not harm others.
In 1985, Coca Cola committed what is considered to be one the biggest blunders in the business world by bringing out “New Coke” with plans to retire the original Coke (NOW known as “Classic Coke”). When the announcement was made, I, along with many others, began stockpiling Coca Cola.

To illustrate the extent of my addiction: I was scheduled to go to California for a week on Company business. In my carry-on bag I packed one change of underwear and cosmetics, and in my other luggage–two large bags–I packed ALL Coca Cola, because I was AFRAID I couldn’t buy Coca Cola when I arrived there. I knew I could buy ANYTHING else there, but, as my brother said, I was worried about “scoring Coke”! At that time, there was not a store in Washington Court House with any original Coca Cola remaining on its shelves! I had gone to every store which could possibly carry Coca Cola. I had cases of Coca Cola stored in the house and garages, arranged by expiration date!

A furor erupted from other obviously-addicted consumers and after what seemed like an eternity (three months), Coca Cola finally understood the popularity of the original Coke and reversed its plan.

I haven’t had a Coke since November 9, 2011. I had been drinking as much as two liters a day. The first thing I would do on Sundays was to check all of the store flyers to see the best buy that week. I had taken to buying the two-liter bottles as it was a better buy! I’ve lost 27 pounds and NO, I don’t feel any better! There’s not a day that goes by that I do not want a Coke! I’ve given up drinking Coke several other times in my life, but it was like Mark Twain quote on giving up smoking: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world; I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

I gave up Coke for six months one time. Will I be more successful this time? I hope so.

CLICK HERE to read the article: 25 years since Coca-Cola’s big blunder.

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  1. Hi Sue, he has been there 7 or 8 years this time. Was there 2 years in a time before. Mike Woods had been there 25 or so years. Mike is not there anymore as he hurt his back. Mike is married to my daughter-in-law that was married to my son who passed away. i consider him my son-in-law. My son makes decent money but his heart is really in machine trades. he worked at Hobart in Hillsboro machining parts for mixers and such. He really is a math whiz. Just like a machinist. He would probably try for one of the machining jobs that they are wanting in Hillsboro but he doesn’t have the time because they are working so many overtime hours at Shasta. They can’t keep help as it seems they don’t want to work. Temps don’t last long. I asked if he knew you and he said there had been a Susie, was that you?

  2. Hi Sue, it is kind of funny that you mentioned Shasta. That is what he bottles or should I say cans. He works on the can line mostly. The Canadian Shasta cola is better than the American cola. It seems to have more zing or I think it does. I do like the lemon-lime Twist tho and root beer.

    1. Hi, Vickie,

      I worked at Shasta in 1982 and started the Capri Sun line; Shasta was a great place to work but I left to go to Rockwell for a great deal more money and benefits. Shasta STILL has the best ginger ale. At our hospital, I was recently at the emergency room with my husband and they gave us SHASTA; he had the creme soda (yellow–not red like other brands) and I had the ginger ale! How long has your son been with Shasta?

  3. Now, this is embarrassing to relate: when I was a young married, we had a book case bed. I also had a small dorm-size refrigerator in my bedroom closet. This is when we still bought BOTTLES and the refund was 2 cents per bottle. I had a bottle of Coke setting on the top of the bed and when my husband plopped into bed, the bottle of Coke fell off, hitting me on the face; yeah, do you think anyone believed THAT story of my black eye?

  4. I was at an open house last year and the host had brought some Mexican Coca-Cola from Texas. I usually drink only diet colas but gave it a try just to see if there was a noticeable difference. I can’t define it but there was a difference. I think I read someplace that there is only one Dr. Pepper bottler that still uses real sugar.

  5. Have any of you addicts had Mexican Coca-Cola? Made with regular sugar! I like it -we took it to a party and the reaction was mixed. I think it was because we are not used to the real sugar flavor. It was especially good with bourbon :)! I personally am addicted to Diet Pepsi. Tried to give it up but it’s my only caffeine delivery system since I don’t drink coffee. Hang in there Sue!

  6. Hi, Vickie,

    Thanks for the comment. I suffered a moral dilemma when I worked at SHASTA! We were allowed to have all the free Shasta low-fills from the cafeteria refrigerator we wanted to drink during the shift and once a week we were given a case of our choice to take home. Obviously I could NOT drink Coke while at work, but as soon as I was off work, I stopped at the Marathon station on the corner to get a REAL Coke!

  7. If I’m going to drink cola I want Coke. I’m not so fond of Pepsi as I think it is flat and sweeter. No diet pop, either. I usually drink ice tea. On special occasions I will have a Coke. I have Coke in my fridge at all times even though I have a son that works at a pop factory. Coke is not the brand that he works for.

  8. Had a cousin who was married to a Coke-Cola freak. He purchased Coke in 10 oz. bottles, kept cases locked in a room for which only he had a key, drank it at room temperature, kept a case under his bed and drank several bottles during the night. In the end it ruined his digestive system and he has all kinds of serious medical problems stemming from excessive consumption. On the upside, he collected tons of original Coke mementos which are today worth huge bucks.

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