Suggested Reading: The Gated Mentality

I’ve never lived in a “gated” community but I do have family and friends who have sought out these types of communities in which to make their homes. While I cannot speak for their reasons I can infer that many people who do so for reasons of security. Whether real or imagined a lot of people today see the world as being a far more dangerous place than what statistics show and real estate developers have not been blind to this knowledge.

Gated communities offer the hope of being neatly tucked away in a safe, secure, corner of the world where you are close to like-minded people who share your looks, your faith, your ideologies, your goals, and your insecurities.

Rich Benjamin, a contributing writer for the New York Times, has lived in many gated communities as he researched a book he wrote on the topic. In yesterday’s NY Times he has a piece about the these kinds of places and how they may have contributed to the events surround the shooting of Trayvon Marton in Sanford, Florida last month.

Click HERE for Benjamin’s article.

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  1. The Trayvon Martin shooting took place in an apartment complex not a gated community. The media was using the term “gated community” in initial stories to scue the story. Just like they were referring to Zimmerman as a “white hispanic”.

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