There’s Free Food in Your Front Yard!

It’s mushroom time and my son-in-law and a friend have found something approaching 7 pounds in the last two days. He found  enough for a snack in our woods yesterday and we fried them up for an evening snack. Just couldn’t wait for lunch today.

Also, a friend game me an eggplant yesterday and today I walked the front yard, picked a couple of hand full of dandelion blooms and together with eggplant slices I fried them in a cast iron skillet for lunch. Just a simple egg wash and roll them in seasoned flour. Fried to a crispy golden brown.

Your woods and front yard are filled with free food now and when the ditch or day lilies come into bloom they fry up nicely. When you fry use canola oil and keep the frying temperature at 375 so the oil is not absorbed which keeps the calories under control.

Golden fried dandelion blossoms & slices of eggplant. I like mine with a little ketchup.


One thought on “There’s Free Food in Your Front Yard!”

  1. Talking about deep frying morel mushrooms with Brad Calhoun this week and he suggested just sauteing them in butter and garlic along with a little onion. My son-in-law informed me that he found several pounds and tonight I’m going to try this method of preparation rather than frying them in a batter or breading. The trouble with frying is the actual flavor of what’s being cooked gets lost in the batter.

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