GOBA Comes to Us This Summer

The 24th Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) will bring over 3000 bicycle riders into our part of the state this June. The annual event will begin and end in Hillsboro on Saturday, June 16, 2012 with a day of celebration and fun for everyone.

Hillsboro mayor, Drew Hastings, has declared the day to be the beginning of a “Summer of Love” and has planned a huge bicycle parade composed of GOBA participants and anyone with a bike who wants to join in. There will also be music, dancing, food, and a huge wedding ceremony for all those wanting to get married for the first time or wanting to renew their vows. The mayor will reside over the ceremonies using his authority as a civil magistrate. All present will be offered a piece of “the world’s longest wedding cake.”

On Sunday GOBA riders will depart Hillsboro for Chillicothe, and other communities, arriving back in Hillsboro on June 23. On Wednesday and Thursday of the week there will probably be some GOBA traffic in and around Greenfield from those participating in an optional loop on those days.

One thought on “GOBA Comes to Us This Summer”

  1. Larry ,I’ve been reading as many stories as possible today on your site,VERY entertaining !!!
    I have a GOBA story to share,Back in 1987 ?? GOBA came thru Greenfield , a fella came into the Jewelry Store (Dennis Jewelers)… He was hot,sweaty,and covered with road grime,and had a desperate look on his face. He asked if I did gold work ,and my reply was Yes,he then pulled out a long thin cable that needed an end repaired,a simple repair .
    I offer him a cold glass of water ,the “John”, the sink and a towel ,we went to the back room and I repaired his cable with a small Jewlers Torch,he asked what he owed me and i said “No Charge” I enjoyed his company.
    Many months later I recieved a letter in my morning mail from him with 30.00 dollars in it and a thank you note…I do not remember his name ,but I do remember he was from Denver , Co., a Music Store owner,and a Free Spirit kinda guy!!!
    The next year when GOBA came thru town ,many people brought me strange repairs(for a jewely store) ,,,I always looked forward to the event !!!!
    I either missed their event or it did not happen to come thru Greenfield anymore ,but I am happy to hear that it is still alive and well !!!

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