Kuala Lumpur or Jennie’s Farm Pond?

My wife loves animal experiences, she loves being massaged, she loves having her feet rubbed, but she doesn’t like flying. The flying part could be about to change, however. This morning I told her about something I saw on TV having to do with fish spas in the nation of Malaysia. A big thing these days are public pools lined with padded seating. Customers pay a fee to be permitted to sit on one of the seats, hand their bare feet into the water, and allow hundreds of tiny fish to nibble at the dead skin of their feet. First thing she said when I told her about it was, “I want to go there!”

Once reality settled in, though, it looking more like she’ll either go to Petland and get a bowl of goldfish or to our daughter’s farm pond and hang her feet off the dock. We’ve decided that coating the feet with a puree of earthworms will draw the blue gills in like crazy!

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