Living a Del Webb Life

First time I heard the name Del Webb I was newly arrived in early 1960s California. Lots of planned retirement communities were being built in Southern California and Arizona and Del Webb was one of the names commonly associated with them. Arizona’s Sun City was a Webb community.

I don’t really know much about the man behind the name but I dug deep enough to learn he made lots of money during WWII building relocation camps for Japanese-American citizens and that he passed away in 1974.

With his passing, however, the name didn’t disappear. The construction company he founded continues and in visits to Florida in recent years I’ve seen billboards advertising Del Webb retirement communities being developed and sold.

I have no idea what Mr. Webb wanted out of life but what he got was a name that has become synonymous with old people. Old people living out their lives in some sort of conspired, planned, environment where they have only to deal with other old people and not their children and grandchildren.

I’ve always thought there was something icky about living a planned, structured, life.

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