Ohio is Hurting the Poor

After reading some news about Ohio, I realized that Ohio does not treat the poor with fairness or respect. We really need a new Governor. Oh, Ted where are you??

The State of Ohio is ninth out of the ten states that tax the poor the most.

  • Income tax on working-poor: $162/yr.
  • Lowest taxable income: $16,600 (72 percent of poverty line)
  • Poverty rate: 14.8 percent (17th highest)
  • Median household income: $45,090 (17th lowest)

Ohio is one of only five states in the country that taxes the income of two-parent families of four that make less than three-quarters of the poverty line. That is, families earning $16,637 a year or more are taxed. Additionally, Ohio is one of only a few states where a family of three in which the employed person works a full-time minimum job wage must pay income tax. 

It’s time our state started looking out for our poor, stop cutting benefits for those in need, and revamped the state income tax laws so the poor would not be so disadvantaged.

I am hopeful that in November Ohio will be the main “swing state” that brings a second term to the man (President) that will help Ohio change to be more compassionate toward the poor and bring a new law to the state legislature that will allow us to recall our Governor and put someone in office that is not out to destroy our State.

Ohio is losing ground on the list of “best states” and rising on the list of “taxes the poor” and disenfranchises the needy, but I was hoping the spend the rest of my senior days here in Ohio.

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