The Grandfather of Eyman Park

I’m sorry to see your new tattoo. Your days are numbered, but I will not forget you. I know that you have seen us all grow up, braving the big slide alone for the first time, jumping out of the swings, and bending the spring on the chicken as far as it will go. I still swing in the arms of your shadow. You remind me of a great childhood. That time filled with merry-go-rounds and an excer-swing. It took a long time to master that thing, but you watched me progress. Even you wondered what that thing they made out of tires was. It was great at collecting rainwater and turning our clothes black. I’m sure you laughed when our moms saw our clothes.

I can’t believe you are not going to be around for my kids. You watched my dad. You watched me. You have seen my kids briefly, but it won’t be the same. They won’t get to have a kite caught in your branches. They won’t lose a ball in your leaves. I’m sad for them. I know they like you. Your shade is better than SPF 45. For my family, you have been a blessing. Our skin can stay fair with your embrace. I’ve tried to hug you but you have always been too big. It’s going to be lonely for your partner, the lifelong duo reduced to solitary confinement.

If trees had a soul, I’d see you again. I’m sure of that. You needn’t be scared as you will live on. Your roots will nurture the ground and allow a new life to emerge. I hope it grows as glorious and majestic as you. Goodbye friend.

2 thoughts on “The Grandfather of Eyman Park”

  1. Reading this made me think of the tree outside the old Hillsboro High School. It was a giant and over the decades I wonder what it was witness to. Thankfully parts of it are being preserved. One of my daughters has purchased a slab of it and is having it made into a coffee table.

    Also, it reminded me of all the large maple trees that once lined Jefferson and Washington Sts. in Greenfield. First thing I did on every return to my hometown was to drive the length of Jefferson St just to feel the comforting welcome of the canopy of those trees.

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